03 August 2018



I'm a little off schedule with my empties but for that I can 'blame' my vacation. I came back yesterday and it was amazing. I spent a lot of time on the sun with tons of sun cream on so I didn't got burn, next year I'm buying Sun Dance lotions again but maybe not the same ones.

I used up two Sun Dance SPF lotions. The first is the Melon scented foam (last year I bought two of them and used up the Strawberry one in the same Summer). I liked this fresher scent better but otherwise the foam that comes out is sticky (not great for an everyday life but on the beach I don't mind greasy feeling). It was waterproof so especially great for swimming but I used it up pretty fast.
Then I started to use another SPF 30 lotion with coconut scent also a bit greasy, not so much, but this one was a thicker white cream. None of these two was my favorite, one too sticky the other was too white but my skin stayed protected and that is all that matters. Sun Dance has a large collection of sun lotions and every year they come out with some new ones so I'm sure I will find something suited for my needs next year.

To retain moisture I used this Avon naturals Apricot and Shea lotion (not the most moisturizing in the world) but the light texture and pleasant scent convinced me. I think this is my third bottle of this particular one and now it is no longer available so it is also the last one.

Dove makes great deodorants/antiperspirants for me and this one was another winner. I really like the roll-ons even though you have to wait a little longer to dry before putting clothes on. The scent on this Mineral Touch was fresh and clean, just how I want to feel and smell after a long day on the sun.

The very last one is also an oldie. It is Avon Be Serene... perfume. I remember there were three different ones in this Be... collection but I only got the 'blue' one. It smelled very fresh and a bit flowery, nothing too much, think of a fabric softener, something like that. Their original Perceive smells very similar.

L'oreal infallible 24-h matte Vanilla foundation is already repurchased. I love this high coverage, buildable and matte foundation. It is my go-to and I'm already using the new tube. My only complain would be the dark shade but to fix that I buy The Body Shop lightening drops and I adjust the shade every morning to match me perfectly.

Catrice made under TE Active Warrior this wonderful make-up freezing spray. I received one bottle as PR but I went and bought two more bottles. This one is the first one to go but I have backups to last me through this year.

Another Catrice item sent to me was this lashes to kill waterproof mascara. I already raved about it and I still love it. The brush isn't rubbery and that worried me a little at first but after I tried it it was great. It was lenghtening and volumizing, the only thing that was lacking was the curl hold other than that it was really nice and I think I will repurchase it for my sister's wedding which is just around the corner.

This is another repurchase and probably by now everyone has already discovered how great are Catrice concealers. This liquid camouflage Porcellain concealer is especially great for under eye area because it isn't so drying. I love this one around my eyes and the pot version for all over my face. While the cream one lasts very long this liquid one gets used up relatively fast, thank God it is inexpensive ;)

The very last Catrice products is Pure Brilliants Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge colour lip balm I loved the Pure Shine balms but when they were discontinuing them I couldn't find any in desired shade so I picked up this one thinking it would be similar just with shimmer. I was right the formula was similar, nourishing and glossy but the balm is packed with shimmer so I had to be careful not to end up looking like a clown, the orange tint didn't help ether. I would get the Pure Shines one in a heartbeat but the Pure Brilliants left me cold.

We are almost at the finish line with this second Essence invisible kiss transparent lip liner in Multitalent Wonder shade. It is essentially just a clear waxy liner which 'seals' the lips especially if they are dry or chapped. It runs smoothly over lines and makes lips smooth so when I would go over with a tinted lip product no one could tell that my lips weren't in their best condition. I have another backup but I already bought one from Avon which I haven't put it to the test jet.

Essence Pure Nude powder in Nude Beige was so so for me. Nothing too impressive so when I found better ones I started to use this one on my neck (I drag my foundation or BB cream down my neck and chest area, it depends from my shirt cut and because I wear my hair down I have to powder my neck as well otherwise my hair would get stuck). For that I always use powders that aren't my favorite and just use them up, that happened to this one and I'm happy to see it gone.

The Terra Naturi Ivory face powder was on the other hand a very good one. Too bad that it is gone. They repackaged the whole line and while they still have face powders they have different packaging and I don't know if they are the same. I will probably try one in the future but at the moment I think I have four or five quite full face powders that needs to be used up before I get some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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