16 June 2018



maybe a little late but nonetheless some empty packaging galore is in front of you.

Let's start with Balea Aqua serum which is very praised. I liked the pump system and light consistency which absorbed quickly but I don't think it was anything special. Maybe I should try it in the Winter time when my skin is dryer and use it under my regular face cream so maybe I will repurchase it again.

Next is Dove DermaSpa uplifted satin smooth body oil for improved elasticity and firmness. The scent is amazing, definitely my cup of tea. Fresh and comforting at the same time. I have been using it in combination with other body lotions but at the end I used it on its own. I noticed that it wasn't moisturizing enough so probably I won't spent my money on it again but I will miss the scent.

This big flat Ladybug bottle is Sephora's Cosy Cotton bubble bath and shower gel. I only used it to wash my body with it because I don't have a bath. The scent is another one of my favorites. The cotton flower is a nice and accurate description and so very nice. The texture was nothing special, typical body wash consistency and since we don't have Sephora here I won't get it again.

A while ago I bought two of the Eveline expert C vitamin serum - injections (it was a better deal if you purchased two and I'm a sucker like that). One bottle holds up 18 ml of product and you use the pipette to get the slightly sticky but still watery serum out of it (there is no injections involved). It smells amazing, just like real citruses and I loved putting it on in the evening. I always followed with some cream or oil and I think my hyperpigmentation faded away faster. Now I'm happy that I have another bottle which I'm sure I will use up soon.

Lush Plum Rain body wash was an impulse buy. I went there to buy some specific products but there are always some sale assistants trying to help you out and encourage you to spent more money than you anticipated. This bottle is the result of me caving in. The scent is very fresh and true to the ripe plums, I honestly love it but I know I spent more money on a body wash than normally. If they would have some massage bars in this scent I would totally get some.

Avon lavender cuticle oil is super duper old and so the writing on the bottle is also gone. It is regular oil which you place on your nails and cuticles and massage it in. I liked the lavender scent but the other day I noticed that the scent changed so I'm guessing that it went bad so I'm tossing it even though I haven't finished it up. I have the Essence Hydra nail care serum which serves me well.

Avon Foot works papaya cooling lotion has nothing cooling in it but the texture is gel like so maybe that is what they meant. I had a scrub in the same scent and I loved it, true papaya but I think I had this one a little too long. The texture become a little thicker and the scent is plasticky now. I have used it maybe three times but I will throw it into the garbage bin and try not to stock up again.

This is one of my favorite lipsticks ever and it is Avon Shine Burst Rose lipstick. For swatches check my old post here. I love glossy lipsticks which feel nourishing and glide on with ease. Anyhow I kept this baby for too long and it went bad, now it has a yuck taste but when it was new it had zero scent/taste. Now I can see that they discontinue them and I was seriously thinking of stocking up but at the end I decided not to. I have almost 30 full sized lipsticks and by the time I will use all of them up some will already go bad, it is a vicious circle and the only way to end it is to completely stop buying stuff and just use up what I have. It will be hard but maybe I can at least minimize my purchases...

The little pot is Essence Let's get it started LE lip balm which I won in a giveaway. It was clear and had a very sweet candy scent. At first I liked it but then the scent got a little too much. I still tried to use it as often as possible to finish it up. It wasn't bad I would say it was like any other regular balm. It was on the greasy side and it kept my lips soft and nourished. I know that they have a similar product in their current range but I won't be picking it up.

 The very last item is Essence ultra last Rosewood High lip liner. I still don't know why I had to spent my money on it. Probably the popularity of liners lured me in but I'm just not a lip liner kind of gal. This color is a dusty pink which I don't think looks god on me anyways. The liner slides easily and leaves a lot of color behind which really grips and it is hard to remove. I personally don't like this murky color on myself so I would always tried to put a softer pink lipstick on top but the liner underneath seemed to suck any moisture out of it. I guess that makes it last longer but the feeling to me is unpleasant so I don't think I ever wore out in public.

Huh, 10 products this time. That is a lot and there is even more to come so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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