11 June 2018

Tempting Grape


a while ago I purchased this lovely gloss (I think it was in the Autumn). I didn't forget about it but I wanted to use some older ones first until I would fully commit to it. I tried it almost immediately and then put it away but not because it would be so bad...

It is L.O.V.  caring volume gloss in the shade Tempting Grape. The color is brighter, warmer pink something I don't have in my collection.
The scent is barely there but nothing sweet or caramel like, maybe it is more plastic and weird but since it is barely noticeable I don't mind it.

It has the 'regular' doe foot applicator that feels nice and deposits enough product for my thinner lips, if you are blessed with fuller set you might want to go back in for more.

This particular shade has some golden shimmer but once it is on the lips I can't notice these little specks. Most of the shades comes without any sparkles so there are some options for shimmer free fans.

It carries volume in the name but if you expect some minty scent or cooling sensation you will be disappointed. I haven't noticed any volumizing properties but maybe they just meant like glosses in general make your lips appear a bit bigger because it reflects light in the center, nothing groundbreaking.

The formula feels nice, maybe slightly thicker but not sticky (I'm looking at you M.A.C.). My lips feel nourished and taken care off even without any balm underneath. I have also noticed that it lasts a little longer than a regular gloss and that makes me love it even more.
The color is a bit brighter than what I'm used to it but it is not so bright that I would need to touch it up every five minutes. I think it makes my face a little happier with just enough juicy color to look healthier and ready for Summer.
I think this line of glosses is becoming my favorite, it rivals my beloved Avon ones but I think L.O.V. put more effort into making them more long lasting (still they don't last for four or five hours) so I have to like them more ;)

P.S. Does this color remind you of grapes? To me it speaks more like Roses, anyone else?

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