19 June 2018

Radiant Ruby


painting my nails has become a must for me like breathing. Nice polished tips with shiny color is what I like. Last year I tried bright red nail varnish for the first time in my life (I always preferred deep red) and I loved it but my sister loved it even more so I gave it to her (she doesn't have such an extensive collection of nail polish bottles like I do) but I have been missing bright hue so when I saw this baby on display I had to grab it.

L.O.V. Radiant Ruby stole my heart the moment I saw it. Elegant bottle design with wide brush combined with great formula... perfection.

My camera seems to hate bright red because I could not capture the true essence of it even though I took nearly one hundred photos.

Here it looks a bit too bright and warm but in real life is true red. Two coats are all I need, wide brush makes everything really easy and even removing it (I already wore it twice) doesn't cause too much of a hassle (red stained skin) like some other red varnishes do.

For now this is my only bright red polish and honestly I don't think I need more at least until I don't empty it  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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