09 May 2017

Happines looks gorgeous on me


it is May and Slovenian Cosnova team surprised me again. They asked me if I would like to try some new and exciting products that they are releasing soon and my answer? Sure, I would be happy to see products in advance and get to test them. The package arrived and I ripped open the envelope to see pink Essence notepad with lots of inspirational quotes inside (I used one of my favorite as a background for product displaying).

Next thing that caught my eye was a bright red new Catrice nail polish. It is named It's all about that red. As mentioned they are discontinuing the ultimate nail lacquer line and replacing it with the ICONails gel lacquers. The bottle looks really nice and it is also a little bit bigger, now they hold 10,5 ml. The cap is removable an the brush seems wider.

Fun looking lipsticks are from Essence TE, next stop Summer. They are color changing ones and that seems very exciting. I have never had a green lipstick before. The one in an orange packaging hides grass green tube of lipstick inside and it is named Wish I was a mermaid, when applied it is supposed to turn into a peach hue. The other one is vivid purple and is called Little miss sunshine (one of my favorite movies), they say that on the lips it turns into a hot pink shade (I haven't tried anything yet since I just received my package). Color changing lip products sound like a lot of fun and I will play with them this weekend and report back next week.

Thank you Cosnova team for making my heart skip a beat with these lovely products and Happy birthday Essence for turning 15.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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