13 May 2017

Rose toner


since Avon discontinued my favorite toner, Naturals Dog Rose & Aloe, they came out with new one and for the longest I tried to resit it until I found it for so cheap that I considered it almost a crime to let this good of a deal pass and who knows, maybe this will be just as good, right?

It is Avon Naturals Rose toner and it smells really nice, like Roses ;) I use toner after cleansing and my skin is always a bit thirsty. I felt an instant relief after I padded cotton pad soaked with my 'old' toner all over my skin this 'new' toner didn't deliver. My skin didn't feel enough moisturized, it still felt tight on the areas that needed moisture the most and I'm not alone. My mom also decided to get it and she felt the same and her skin is on the dry side. We were both disappointed and needles to say that we won't ever repurchase it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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