30 May 2016



I feel like no one talks about this product and jet it can be so beneficial if you have a large collection of nail polishes. A couple of years back when I was in need, I barely found it in the drugstore. It was the only one, only this brand had it and I remember it was expensive.

Mavala nail polish thinner

Now I started to work on some of my older varnishes and this baby comes handy, I actually don't have much left. The product I'm talking about is from Mavala and it is a nail polish thinner. This little 10 ml bottle is crucial for my older polishes which just got a bit gloppy as it thins them out and makes them usable again.
Do you know any other brands that also have thinner in their line and I can pick it up in a store?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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