27 January 2016

Avon in shower moisturizer


the weather is getting cooler and with that my skin is also getting drier. Last year I discovered in shower body moisturizers and I loved the idea. In the summer you can use them on its own to avoid greasy felling and in the winter you can layer them with a regular body moisturizer to double up the moisture your skin is loosing. I tried the Nivea version and I really liked it so I decided to get the Avon one.

Avon Skin so Soft in shower moisturizer

This is Avon Skin so Soft in shower moisturizer. It has a very light scent which goes away when I rinse the moisturizer off. The texture is nice but nothing special. I can feel the moisturizing properties when I'm applying it but after I rinse it off it is gone. I feel like it doesn't do much.

Avon Skin so Soft in shower moisturizer

Here you can see that I applied it on the back of my hand and I tried to massage it in without rinsing it off but it didn't work. It was just sitting on top of my skin and it wasn't absorbing.

I like the scent but the product didn't blew me away, in fact I'm wondering if it does anything. I will not buy it again.

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