11 January 2016

Liquid lipstick


this one is long overdue. I have bought this lip product a while ago and been using it a lot. I really fell in love with it.

Catrice Moulin's Rouge

Catrice released this limited edition called Alluring reds back in November and they still have it in some stores (I have a feeling it wasn't so popular).  I picked only one shade to test it out. I have Moulin's Rouge.

Catrice Moulin's Rouge

The color is nice and the formula is even better. It has a slight vanilla/caramel scent which is nice. The pigmentation is something medium which is ok, I prefer my glossy products to be lighter in color because it is just easier. The best thing is the balmy feeling on the lips, it is not sticky at all but rather cushiony. For a couple of days I was only using this baby, no lip balms and my lips were soft, moisturized and chap free. Seriously, I have a cold and that makes things even worst but not for this liquid lipstick. It manged to keep my lips nourished all day long.
I will probably get another color or at least one from the core range. I heard that they have the same texture.
This is my first Catrice lip gloss but certainly not the last one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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