08 January 2016

11. NOTD


like I predicted I got bored of the plain dull blue color on my nails pretty fast so I used another super old nail polish to make it more interesting and also to bring back the memories.

Essence Blue addicted

Do you remember when Essence bottles were shaped like this? I still have four bottles which means that the polish inside is really old. I picked this one because I can't remember when was the last time I wore it.

Essence Blue addicted

It is called Blue addicted and I remember all the girls want crazy about it. I took my time and bought it a year or so later and still to this day I'm not so sure if I really like it that much. I do like glitters but only one color at the time. Here you can see that they mixed green and blue together and I think it is a little too much.
Well, since I don't have that much left and the polish still applies smooth like a butter I think I will use it up completely. Here I used only one coat and there is a lot of glitter in just one layer. maybe next time I will try with two layers but I remember that this one is really hard to remove...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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