07 October 2016

Tony Molly egg pore silky smooth balm


did you ever wanted to have a Hen which lays golden eggs? Well, I don't know where you can get chicken like that but you can buy golden eggs.

This is Tony Molly egg pore silky smooth balm (face primer) in beautiful and also big golden egg.

When you open it up the design doesn't fall flat but it continues. Yellow plastic/yolk part is removable and inside is the actual product.

The texture is really balm like and has no scent. At first it looks white but when it melts into your skin it goes translucent.

If you see how much of the primer I took out compared to my hand, that is the amount for the whole face. A little of it goes a long way. First time when I used it I put too much and it balled up and looked yucky, so apply very little at time, you can still go back and use more.

Here I took some of it and bled it into my skin (right side of my hand) where my skin looks more blurred.
I should buy it sooner and test it in hot weather because now my skin is dry and this primer doesn't perform the best. I have to avoid dry patches on my face because it will accentuate them but on the other hand it makes my skin feel super soft. Primer has this silicone-y feeling but it doesn't smooth my pores, I think it does nothing about them.

In my opinion this primer is better when my skin will be oily which will happen in the Summer but for now it makes my face look even more dry and patchy. If your skin is oily all year round this could be for you but I will have to wait another six moths to start using it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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