08 October 2016

42. NOTD


one of my favorite nail colors to wear on my nails has to be light lilac color and this year I haven't wore it at all (in the project polish I had darker, more muted lavender shade), so I decided it is time to pull one of my favorite babies out and play.

This is Essence Blossoms etc. LE nail polish in the shade Bloom a Loom. In the bottle it looks like it has small lilac/pink shimmer but it does not transfer onto the nails so it has a proper cream finish.

On the nails it looks a tad brighter than in the bottle and it doesn't bother me. This type of lavender is my favorite and I actually have another bottle of a very similar color so I won't be too sad when it will be gone.
I had some issues while applying it, it is probably just because it is old and pastel shades aren't exactly know to apply buttery hence slightly poorly executed result.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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