15 July 2016

Lip oils


I love glossy lip products and I'm always on a hunt to get something juicy and moisturizing at the same time. When I saw these on sale I bought all three shades, if I'm not mistaken they came out with them this year, is there something wrong with them? Don't you think they pulled them off the shelves too soon?

Catrice Luxury Lips intensive care gloss Revolution-berry Lips, Rosachella Festival and Spending all my Honey

Catrice Luxury Lips intensive care glosses comes in three shades and also corresponding flavors.

First on the photo is actually red in real life and it is named Revolution-berry Lips. The taste is a mix of papaya and vanilla.

Next is Rosachella Festival, it is almost completely clear with a hint of pink to it, the scent is rose.

The last, Spending all my Honey is quite bright yellow/orange and it is honey scented.

I have to say that the scented lip products are very well written in my heart but imagine my surprise when I discovered that they all have the same generic scent, it is not unpleasant but also nothing exciting. It fades away when you apply it so if you wanted them because of the scents, don't.

Catrice Luxury Lips intensive care gloss Revolution-berry Lips, Rosachella Festival and Spending all my Honey

Let me mention the colors briefly. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. My favorite is definitely Revolution-berry Lips since it has a pink tint and enhances my already pigmented lips the most. I have been wearing Rosachella Festival two days straight but I haven't noticed any color, so this one is for all who like clear glosses and the most 'daring' is the last, Spending all my Honey. After reapplying it a couple of times I noticed that I have a little yellow line around my lips and to be fair that isn't flattering (I will still use it but only at home where no one sees me ;).

The packaging looks like nothing special but I was in surprise when I noticed that they contain only 3 ml of product. They look like they could easily carry 6 or 7 ml.

They are very similar to the rest of the glosses but the texture here isn't sticky at all and they also feel more liquidy. The wear time is nothing spectacular, I have to reapply every hour, hour and a half.

All that been said they feel like complete waste of my money but I saved the best for last. I started testing them last week when my lips were in terrible condition. They were dry, cracked and started to peel. I used Labello Coconut lip butter and Shea butter enriched with Argan oil but they didn't help. I was in serious trouble but still decided to give these oils a tough challenge to beat. How did they perform? I give them two thumbs up, after a couple of hours my lips were healed, completely. I couldn't believe my eyes. These little tubes full of argan, jojoba and camellia oil are pure miracles for my sometimes dry and sensitive lips. My reaction was, I need to buy back ups of back ups but I took a deep breath, calmed myself down since they have very similar or if I dare to say the same product within Essence line.

I absolutely love them, I only wish the packaging would be a bit bigger and that they would actually made them scented (if they marked them like that) but other than that they are perfect, beyond moisturising and nourishing. When I will finish them up, pretty soon I think, I will purchase the red one from Essence which is called SOS my Heart to replace my favorite shade Revolution-berry Lips, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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