03 March 2018

Warm brown


I don't think I ever talked about my brows on my blog. I have been using the same dark grey eye shadow and angled brush for years and the powder has a massive pan so I think maybe this year I will be done with it. I'm not fussy about my brows, I tried a couple of pencils and powder but I always go back to that old discontinued Avon palette so this product that was sent to me by L.O.V. was intriguing.

It is L.O.V. staining eyebrow cushion in the shade warm brown from their current forever brows collection. There is another shade available if your brows are cool toned maybe that one will suit you better.

The packaging is simple and sleek, just the way I like it. When you unscrew the lid there is the cushion which is very soft and delicate brush has no issues in pressing it down to get to the product. The brush picks a lot of product so it is easy to fill it in. It feels watery but probably that is only because I'm just so used to use powders.

The color is very warm and light brow and it couldn't be further away from my natural color but I still tried it out (on my off day). It looked weird but if the color would match me I think it would look natural.
They also claim to have staining properties which I haven't noticed. In the evening I washed my face with a regular face wash and all of the color came out, nothing stayed.
I even used it as an eye liner but it is too wet for that and when I went over the same line it just removed the previous layer and didn't want to build up to get that even line.

I will part with this product because I just can't find any use in my make-up for it but maybe someone else would.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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