31 March 2018



today has been a long day. Even though it is a holiday I had to get up early and go to work, now I'm just chilling before I stuff myself with delicious food.

The first item is/was my oldest eye shadow palette and technically I didn't use it up but dropped it and what I had left felt out. It is super old Avon eye shadow quad from the days when there were making oval instead of squared palettes. I had it in the Smokey Eyes color. First shade was a shimmery white, perfect to accentuate my inner corners, second was a light pink that I never liked so I scraped it out early on. The only shade that you can actually see is the light grey that I used a lot when I started using make-up which was in high school but since then I started to wear warmer shades and this one was left forgotten. The very last shade was a deep grey that I used to fill in my brows and when I dropped it I mourned after that shade the most (the shade that I'm using in my brows now is just not that good).

Next product are shade adjusting drops from The Body Shop. My sister brought them for me from abroad but now TBS is available in Slovenia so I already order it and that tells you just how much I like them. It is a proper white liquid that is mixing well with my foundation and getting my perfect shade has never been more simple. I can on recommend them.

Next bottle is Ebelin nail polish remover. I think I had it before and it removes my nail polish so very well and it is also inexpensive. Right now I'm using another brand that is also cheap and I tend to rotate, it depends which one I can find on sale to spend even less money on them  ;)

I have talked about my favorite face cream before which is Neutrogena oil free moisturizer so I will be short. I like the squeeze tube which comes handy on travels. The cream itself is moisturizing jet matte. I can apply my make-up right away and it doesn't make it look weird. This is my favorite and holy grail daily cream.

This old Melvita Narcissus extraordinary water is something I purchased on sale and I'm always on a hunt for a good skincare but this one sadly broke me out if I used it every day on my face so I mostly used it on my neck and chest area. I definitely won't repurchase it but I have the Rose one that I need to clear out this year.

Underneath is an Avon Skin so Soft body butter with jojoba oil. This smells so nice that I'm glad that I bought backups. It is my second one and I think I have two more. It smells creamy and comforting, nothing too specific but so very nice. The texture is a little bit thicker but moisturizing and it sinks in very fast. My skin is never dry or itchy when I use it so Avon did well when they made it.

Avon Color Trend Lioness eye pencil is upfront and it was part of a limited edition. I got it a couple of years ago and I remember how pretty and unique the shade looked like. It was a mix of antique gold and moss green with a lovely sheen. I used it a couple of times and then I just saved it, maybe for special occasion but it never came. The other day I wanted to try it but it was so dry and it was so stinky that I'm just tossing it away before it gives me a pinky eye.

Avon Color Trend Barefoot Beige lip gloss is another almost brand new item that I wanted to use sometimes in the future but when I applied it on my lips it tingle and I know that that is not something that it should do. I recently discovered two web pages that tells you how old your make up is. Basically I enter the brand name and the short batch code that it is on your make-up and it tells you when it was made. This gloss was made in April 2011!!! I'm getting rid of it.
The two sites are:

You're welcome  ;)

Another gloss is from Essence XXXL nude lip gloss line in Taste the Sweets. I almost finished it up completely but that weird tingle happened so I'm willing to take part with it before I poison myself with expired make-up. This shade was great and the formula was one of my favorites, I was upset when they discontinued them but then they came out with the Shine, Shine, Shine line that is even more fantastic. I encourage everyone who likes lip gloss to go and get some, you won't be disappointed.

The very last item in this already way too long post is a face wash that I was eyeing on e-bay and then my sister surprised me with when she was traveling. It is Too Cool for School egg mousse face soap. You don't need to shake it, just press the button and a thick mousse comes out (think of shaving foam), it removes my make-up really nicely while it didn't dry out my skin. It was very nice but since I can't get it so easily I don't think I will repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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