27 January 2018

Shine Control Powder


Catrice products are on sale and I feel rushed to tell you all about my favorites that are saying goodbye. The particular product that I'm showing you today isn't leaving but a different shade from the range is getting retired.

Catrice All Matte Plus Shine Control Powder in Transparent is the one on the photo above. I bought this one a while ago but only recently I started to use it. It is very light in shade and coverage so I think it will suit even slightly darker skin tones. At the moment the next deeper shade called Natural Beige is being discontinued so maybe you can try that one or wait for the 'replacement' shade called Universal which is white but if the pigmentation is the same as it on this one then you don't need to worry.

I find this powder to be great for my oily skin. I apply it right after I'm done with my foundation and concealer and it nicely locks my creamy product so I can continue with powder cheek products and they blend beautifully. My face doesn't look caked up but I still get oily, I just apply light layer over it and it still looks nice, some powders don't play well with my natural oils and make my foundation look all weird but not this one. I will even go so far and say that I like this one better than my Essence mattifying powder (I went through countless of pots so I really like it), this one just beats it.

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