31 January 2018



this time of the month I have a nice selection of used up products. There are a little bit of everything.

First is what have quickly become my favorite foundation, it is L'oreal Infallible 24-h matte in the shade 11 Vanilla. I apply it with a damp sponge and the finish is almost matte, it offers a very nice high coverage. On those nasty areas where I have extra redness or pimples I add a bit more and at the end I can use very little concealer. The only 'flaw' is that it is still a smidge too dark but The Body Shop lightening drops 'fix' it for me. I have already repurchase it and I can't imagine what would happen when or if they will discontinued it.

Catrice used to make these amazing Ultimate Shine Gel Colour lipsticks. I have bought numerous bullets and gave them even to my mom and sister and they also got hooked on them. This one is in the Better than Nude shade which was a little too pale for me but with a little bit of lip gloss on top everything looked nice.

Another Catrice product is this Shine Appeal Liquid Lipstick in the shade Rose, would you...? These were just regular shiny lip glosses but with an amazing formula. They discontinued them pretty fast maybe because they marked them as liquid lipsticks and people expected matte finish instead they got very shiny formula. I didn't mind it, in fact I have another shade. To me they were very comfortable and moisturizing, in my opinion they should bring them back.

This next item is Essence Liquid Lipstick in a bright cool toned shade Colour Party. Just as the Catrice ones are misleading this one is too but this guy was way more pigmented and when you combine high gloss and a lot of pigment you get a product that can easily get out of control. I could apply it nicely but after thirty minutes I didn't know if the gloss is already dripping down my chin or is smeared all over my teeth. I prefer lip glosses with sheer color just because they are easier to wear and this one just didn't meet my taste. Also the color was all wrong for my undertone, such cool tones don't suit me and it was left forgotten in my drawl.

My sister brought me this The Body Shop Raspberry body butter from abroad and I decided to use it up in the Winter time. Such fruity, luxurious butter felt so good on my skin and made Winter time more bearable (I love Spring and Summer). I can see that they are discontinuing this scent but I have a lot of others that I need to get through but if you are looking for a butter that smells just like the Raspberry you can't go wrong with this one.

Avon Advance Technique Daily Shine 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner was something I used when I was a kid. It was the most basic and I never had any issues with my hair so this was great for me. Out of nostalgia I picked up another bottle and I decided to get the really big one. I still like the scent of the AT line but this particular shampoo didn't do anything amazing. It made my hair clean but nothing else. I have a couple from the Naturals range that I like better and will rather repurchase those but I might try some more from the AT line.

My sister gave me this sample sized Moroccanoil hair oil bottle because she used up the big one and she liked it a lot. At first I was using it on dry hair and it did nothing, well they could get greasy if I applied too much but that was it. Latter I started to use it on damp hair after I washed them and the next morning my hair were sleeker, shinier and more smooth not to mention how good they smelled. I used it up way too fast and now I miss it, I know that it is a little expensive but if I will have some coupons I will get myself a big bottle.

The very last item was a gift from Cosnova team and it is Essence for Boys and Girls sheet mask. This collection will be out soon in February and finally I am ahead with at least one review. The sheet fitted my face really well and I also didn't had any issues slipping it off my face. I could walk around my apartment and it stayed put. My skin afterward felt moisturized and a bit sticky, thankfully it was my day off so I didn't wear make-up later but I'm pretty sure I would have to wipe my face off with some micellar water. I have never had that sticky feeling after a sheet mask but since I wasn't putting any make-up on I didn't mind. Would I buy it? Probably not, I have tried some Korean ones and I like those better (they didn't feel sticky but they moisturized my skin really well plus after I used up a mask there was enough essence left for a couple of days while with the Essence one the package was empty).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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