11 February 2017

gel cleanser


I have been working on my products even if I don't post as much as I used to and today I have a rather 'boring' one (is it just me or the most exciting stuff are make-up items?).

This is Avon clearskin pore penetrating gel cleanser. It is part of their acne prone line mostly for teenagers and even though I'm all grown up my skin still thinks I'm 15.
It comes in a tube with a twist up cap and since my last cleanser had a pump I really miss it. Pumps are so convenient, I'm not saying that this packaging is bad it is just that I'm lazy  ;)

The product itself is clear with random green beads in it. At first I was scared that they are the microbeads (plastic beads companies use in their skincare to exfoliate your skin but they are so bad for the environment because they are made of plastic which takes years to biodegrade and cause major pollution) but they aren't. I was relieved when I noticed that the green balls dissolved after rubbing. I don't think they do much, they are a bit gimicky because sometimes I don't get any when I squeeze the tube and sometimes I get two the most.
I use it in the morning and at night. Usually I take my make-up off with a baby wipe but I ran out of them so I just used this gel on my face full of make up and it seems to dissolve and remove pretty much everything, even mascara was gone. It doesn't burn my eyes even after rubbing the product to remove my eye make-up and opening my eyes during the process. You would think that the product isn't so gentle if it is meant to deeply clean your skin and especially concentrate on the pores. I then follow with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and usually the pad is clean, that tells me that the gel does its job well.

So, to conclude. It is gentle to my eyes, my skin is clean after using it and it doesn't dry my skin out (afterwards my skin doesn't pull, it doesn't feel tight). For me this cleanser has it all and it has joined my favorites collection.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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