22 February 2017

Project Polish


I decided to show you my used up nail polishes for this month a little earlier because I don't think I will be able to use more till the end of the month. Recently I have been wearing more pink and red colors on my nails and so it happened that I finished up two bottles.

First is Avon Color Trend Cherry Choc, I remember that it was part of the limited edition but I can't recall how old it is. It was a beautiful red color with a cream finish. The shade wasn't to bright or to dark, for me it was nearly perfect and I loved wearing it and I will miss it.

Next bottle is Catrice Welcome to Roosywood which on the other hand wasn't LE but it is discontinued. I was so excited to get this shade but when I put it on I didn't like it, so my only solution was to wear glitters on top and that worked fine for me. I wore this shade a lot this year and just changed top coats and so I was able to clear it out and I'm happy that it is gone.

All together I cleared out four bottles this year and I hope I will continue with the same or at least similar pace through the next couple of months.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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