30 June 2020



I'm still here just a bit distracted. I am aware that this month has been a really dry for my blog but it is what it is. I will try to get back on track and blog more next month.
But till the next time here are some empties that I keep accumulating...

Zara Green Apple and White Freesia body spray was the very last bottle from the trio that I owned. In the last year I got super excited about fragrances (especially designer) and I'm trying to finish up my older, cheaper ones and to use any body sprays that I have because they don't make me happy anymore. This particular one was fresh and flowery at the same time. I would say Spring in a bottle. It smelled like a fresh morning. The nature is bursting in white blooms and the distant green notes gives it naturalistic appeal. The fragrance didn't last on me for long (it is a body spray after all) so I was coating myself with it and was able to finally finish it up. I love my rich, sweet scents but this one was a nice departure.

The next fragrance is Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie perfume which is also super old. I started to notice that this scent would slowly go bad. When I would spray it in the last couple of weeks the scent at first wasn't pleasant so I wasn't using it on my body but rather as a room refresher. It was clean and fruity but I could never decipher of what kind of fruit it reminds me of. Some sort of a mix with some clean notes added to it. I used to really like it but now I didn't care for it anymore.

This is my second used up bottle of Beauty Glam clear skin serum with 2% Salycylic acid and I know that I said that I won't repurchase it again because I couldn't notice my skin loving it. It was only after I wasn't using it daily anymore (after I was finished and wouldn't have any backup) that my skin started to act up and not in a good way. There are a lot of factors involved but I believe not using this serum was also one of them. During the sale I picked up two more bottles so I don't ever need to be without of it.

Next item is another old one and it is Avon Advance Technique instant repair hair mist. It is supposed to help with damage but to me it was like water. Watery texture made my hair wet and after they dried they looked exactly the same. I have to take in account the age of this product (it is for sure a couple of years old) but if I tried it when it was brand new and I couldn't see the difference... I see why I put it  in a dark corner and forget about it.

On the top is Avon true ageless overnight gel which I was super excited to try out ever since it came out. It is a proper gel texture which stays a bit sticky and full of bronze and gold bubbles which break when you massage them but the 'wrapping' doesn't dissolve so the next morning I would find these gold rubbery substance everywhere (on my skin, hair, PJ, sheets, floor...) plus I notice my skin breaking up and after quit using it, healing my skin and start applying it onto my freshly cleansed face just to see acne reappear... not a cream for my skin unfortunately. I finished it up on my legs and I'm happy to throw this packaging away.

The very last item is this big red jar of  Rituals Honey touch body butter with Indian Rose & Himalayan Honey. I completely forgot about it and I was super scared that it already went bad (it didn't). It smells very nice, like a luxurious lotion with a hint of Rose. The scent is not mild but I can't put my finger on how it smells like but I know it is very comforting and snugly. Perfect to cover my entire body with it and roll in bed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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