15 May 2020



this time around I have some Summer inspired products. I decided not to wait till much coveted Summer or vacation simply because I don't know if I will even go on a 'proper' vacation by the beach this year... everything seems so vague and distant, but to stop myself drowning in sad thoughts I decided to create vacation destination right in my bathroom... ;)

Nivea creme pearls body wash with Cherry Blossom is a travel sized one that I received a couple of years ago in an advent calendar with a bunch of minis. I never took it on my travels and this year, God knows... in the mean time I used this in my shower and it gave me the feeling like I'm on a vacation already ;) However, this scent was very, very pleasant but I don't know how to describe it. A bit musky and rich, creamy and it reminds me of an expensive shower gels from fancy hotels. I don't know if that makes any sense but I can say I would buy it again in a full size but I can't find it online  :(

I finished another body wash and this was another lovely one and it is from Balea and it is their limited edition Relaxing Bali body wash. Very nice scent, fruity but not too sweet. Nothing plastick-y or icky but very nice and I would also repurchase it in a heartbeat if I could.

It took me a really long time to finish up this next products because of its size (400ml) and it is Eveline hyaluronic micellar water. I have zero complaints about it. In the evening if I had a feeling like my skin isn't completely clean after two step cleanse I would soak my cotton pad with it and wipe my skin clean. It worked but at the moment I have something else. When I will be looking for a new one I will definitely check this one out.

Neutrogena visibly clear oil free face moisturizer is a constant in my routine. I use it religiously every morning because it is hydrating and sinks right in so it doesn't add any unnecessary grease to my skin and also it doesn't break me out. I'm already using a new tube of it.

Garnier skinactive 3 in 1 (scrub, face wash and face mask) is the very last tube. I also had this one for a really long time but this kind of products for me always take a long time. It claims to be 3 in 1 but honesty I don't use it as a scrub because it is not effective enough plus I started to use more of a chemical or enzyme scrubs opposed to mechanical. Sometimes I put thin layer all over my face and let it dry while I brush my teeth, if I had more time or my skin was acting up I would cover it up in a thick layer and let it dry completely or I would opt for a quick wash with this clay based product. I really like it and got used to it so I always have something clay based that can be used in multiple different ways at all times. At the moment I'm using a different one from Neutrogena and I like it a lot. I'm not particularly loyal or picky, so when I'm in need I usually buy the cheapest ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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