01 November 2019

One gold fits all


glowy lips are what I like and if they are nicely moisturized you can really pull it of. I have received this item from PR team and I thought it will thick all the boxes for me but did it?

Catrice lip glow glamourizer nourishing lip balm in the only one shade named One gold fits all.

The packaging is standard Catrice but the pink color sets it apart. The cap clicks into place so no worries of smearing it all over your purse.
The color looks so juicy in my opinion, lovely coral with golden shimmer.

It swatches quite light but it is also PH-activated so it will turn brighter after a while and it should look different on everyone (on me these types always get as bright pink as possible but since this one is more coral...).

It looks slightly glossy which I like (just like a lip balm) and the color is bright and after wearing it a while it only gets brighter or if you reapply. It also stains the lips so I would wear it but keep a clear lip balm in my pocket to moisturize, I didn't need to add more color because my lips were already pretty bright pink/coral. I like that it is not typical hot pink hue and the scent is gorgeous, very peach like. If you can find it in the store I would suggest you to try it out for the scent alone.
I was pleasantly surprised by it. The scent, slightly unusual tone and how moisturizing it is all added bonus points in my book. I would cheer for more shades to come out, maybe peach?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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