31 October 2019



it is empties time and this time I have just a few products but most of them are repurchases and some of my favorites that I would gladly buy again.

First tube is limited edition Balea's hand cram with Pitaya and Coconut. It smelled like a fruity beach product. I kept it at work and everyone said it is very beach-y scent so everyone was borrowing it and helped me use it up. The scent really was phenomenal but the texture could get a bit too greasy if I used a bit too much.

Next is Avon's restoring moisture coconut hand cream in one of my favorite formulas (I think the original in the non scented version is no longer available :(. This had lovely barely there, natural scented coconut scent. No plastic or fake notes but rather creamy and comfy plus the formula is the best. I am using a new scent at the moment (banana) but I already have a backup of the coconut.

This one is a staple in my morning routine since I use it every morning for years now and I'm already using the new tube. It is Neutrogena face moisturizer. Very light but moisturizing, keeps my skin matte for longer and works lovely under any foundation.

I went through four or five tubes of Skin 79 V.I.P. BB cream but to change thing up I ordered this Skin 79 Oriental gold BB cream plus a while ago (now it seem like it is no longer available). The color is very close to my skin (it also adapts after 5 or 10 min), it glides over and covers quite decently and has an SPF of 30 (I still used sun lotion underneath) but it was great on my vacation. If I could get my hands on it I would buy it again but I guess I'm back to my 'normal' hot pink or V.I.P. or maybe I will try the snail one. I still have one tube of Pink one so I'm good for a while but soon I will order something new.

 The very last item on the photo is this The Body Shop tea tree pore minimizer. It has sort of a pudding texture, more compact than a gel but not to thick. It has this typical tea tree scent that is so comforting for me (not so much for my pimples ;). This is the second farewell and I already have two more backups since TBS has decided to discontinue it... (insert sad face).

Lets not forget about our bodies who need extra moisture in this degrees dropping weather. I decided to use this Avon's Planet SPA fantastically firming with Colombian Coffee extract body cream. I expected to be very heavy on the coffee but I was wrong. I can't even detect coffee in it but to me it smells more like latte. Warm and comfortable cup of hot milk, it is such a lovely scent that even helped me sleep. I'm not mad that the scent didn't meet with my expectations but it even surpassed them. I would grabbed it in a heartbeat if it would still be available.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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