11 March 2019

Soft color butter pen


how are you doing? I found one of my almost forgotten lipstick. Oh boy, I have too much stuff and so my low buy is really the right path to take on this year.

I almost forgot that I bought this Trend it up Soft color butter pen lipstick in the shade 010. I think they have/had five or six shades (I got it from the discontinued shelf a while ago).

This rose color was the only one that I liked but I wish that they would make more softer, lighter colors instead of discontinuing this range.
Mine has some shimmer but on the lips isn't so obvious or blinding, it more so adds shine rather than sparkles.

They claim that this product has balm like properties (check, my lips were moisturized all day long without any other lip product), pigmentation of a lipstick (check, on my swatch there are only two layers) and shine like a gloss (check, do you see the reflection? I mean, you can almost see my face staring back at you).

This butter pen is exactly what I'm looking in a lipstick. It is moisturizing with some color and plenty of shine that makes my lips look juicy (keep in mind that I'm not a fan of matte textures).
I would highly suggest these to everyone who likes creamy lip products, you might have to dig deep but I think it is totally worth it if you can find them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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