03 March 2019

Project polish


for today I have prepared something colorful. I was done with these two fellas last month but I never got around to write this post and I really wanted to show them even though they are no longer available. At the end of the day this blog is my personal beauty diary where I keep my opinions along with photos to remember what would otherwise be forgotten.

For this year I decided to continue with my project polish and to kick it with some of my favorites. Both are not completely used up but they got goopy and didn't want to dry.
At the end I decided that they are just not worth my time even though I love the shades.

Oops, here I swapped them by accident. I will start with the beautiful pastel blue Essence Winter Wonderland (it was part of the 2015 advent calendar). Despite being pastel it applied like a dream and not only the color but also the formula were great, that was until a month ago. Then it become all stringy and didn't dry so... it has to go.

The other one is also Essence but this one was never part of any TE. It was named Oh my Glitter!. I was charmed by light and bright purple with gold-red shimmer. It was super interesting and unique. I would get myself a backup immediately if I could.

They were both close to my heart, that is the reason why I pick them up for the project polish. I'm realizing that I should start using up my favorites while they are still good and throw the rest of them away, I mean donate if they are still good. There is always someone who likes something I don't. I could say that my new year's resolution could be bigger generosity and sharing. I can start with baby steps and see where they will take me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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