12 December 2018

Dazzle Metal


Catrice has welcome us with holiday/glitter inspired collection called Glitter Storm. Most of the products include some sort of glitter and while some people think that is only appropriate for the Winter time I'm someone who loves glitter all year round ;) I was lucky enough to receive this palette but I have my eyes locked on one of the eye liners. In the next couple of days I will go and check it out in person to see if it is something I would love.

Catrice TE called Glitter Storm Dazzle Metal palette named Dazzle on the dance floor is the product I'm describing today.
The outer packaging is velvet with beautiful golden stars, very very nice.

It contains two highlighters on the sides and eight different sized eye shadows in the middle.

I have swatched them in order so the highlighters are on the sides. I think they did an amazing job with finishes because I can find matte, satin, metallic and shimmery shadows. Very neutral with that red pop in the middle.

When I opened it I immediately liked it but I was hesitant over the red one. It is beautiful but I just can't imagine myself wearing it in public. I'm just not that bold ;)

First icy pink is the highlighter. For sure you can use it on the eyes as well but for my taste is a tad too pink (the other highlighter is the bomb) to use it anywhere on my face.
The first top (smaller pan) eye shadow is the one that I thought that I will absolutely love. It has this slightly green base, like a pewter but 'unfortunately' it doesn't show on the skin, it is more of a shimmery shadow with a barely there base, still beautiful just not what I have expected.
Underneath is the cooler matte brown which I find it to be very nice for the base and to define my crease with. When I do a cooler look I reach for this one for sure.
Next is this shiny red which is so far out of my comfort zone that I almost didn't want to try it. I did eventually but after I got home from work and I know no one would saw me. Long story short I don't like it on me so this is the one shade that I won't use ever again.
The next one is the 'perfect bronze' for me. On the photos you can't see but this one has sateen finish and it is very rich in tone, I can't spot any orange tones and that works for me (I have become a 'specialist' over bronze shadows and I dare to say that this one is one of my absolute favorites).

The other half starts with this more orange toned bronze but it can be sheered out to create this lovely peachy tone with some sparse shimmer but it is so very eye catching. This baby looks so good all over the lid paired with some lashes to crate that doll look or dabbed in the center of the lid over some more dramatic brown tones for that extra sparkle. This one really took me by surprise.
The one underneath is very similar to the 'perfect bronze' shade but is more shimmery and it is a bit warmer and more golden. Again I love that they didn't make it more yellow but they rather add more of an antique gold tone to it and it is another stunner in this palette.
Shade that looks like molten gold has fantastic finish I would wear shadows like that all the time (where can I sign a petition to make this finish more common and in single format shadows? I would buy a lot  ;) the only thing that prevents me from overusing it is the tone. For me this is a bit too yellow but still none the less it is lovely.
The last almost black shadow looks a bit boring but it is very useful in a palette. Some people are masters in smokey eyes and since none of the shades are really dark this one steps in. I personally use it to line my eyes and since I have black brows I can even use it to fill in my brows, I have to be a tad careful not too make them too dark but it is manageable if I happen to not have my brow shades around.
And the very last one is the second highlighter with the same molten effect as the golden shade but this one doesn't have as much yellow in it. The tone looks more 'natural' but then the shine kicks in and it is magical, seen from outer space blinding. For me this isn't something for an every day but maybe every second day  ;)

I really like the entire color scheme in this palette. I'm very picky when it comes to the shades so not liking some of the colors is kind of natural for me (that is the reason I prefer singles over palettes) but this one will stay with me for at least a while at least to get me through the magical holiday season.

Thank you Catrice for sending me this beautiful palette, I really enjoy playing with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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