03 April 2016

Night Blue


today was such a fun day, I met with my sister who celebrated her birthday today. There were lots of good food involved so I will try to go quick. I can tell you that I didn't used this product today because I knew it wouldn't last.

Benecos natural kajal in Night Blue

It is Benecos natural kajal in Night Blue. I already wrote about awesome white shade here. This one is part of the same line but it performs differently. The shade is lovely. Dark grey with a blue flash which is more obvious the more layers you make. Really beautiful but the formula is not so great.

Benecos natural kajal in Night Blue

This is a close up of the shade where it looks more blue than the actual color on the skin. The pencil is soft and easy to apply, it does not tug the skin but glides smooth as a butter but it also smudge very easily if you don't set it with an eye shadow.

Benecos natural kajal in Night Blue

That is the color with two layers, you can intensify it with one or two more if you prefer darker defined eyes. The blue shift is a nice change from my typical grey line.
The problem I have with this particular shade is that when I put it on my upper lid after an hour or two I end up with smudges under my eyes (pandas, everyone?). I tried with setting it with and eye shadow but it doesn't help completely.
The formula and the shade are lovely just the staying power kind of sucks, I think I won't throw it away just yet but maybe I can use it when I will run to the store and I will still want to wear some make-up but I will know that it doesn't need to last for long.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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