24 April 2016

Avon purchase


I received my order from Avon. It has been so long since I placed my order that I almost forgot what I ordered. Just three items this time but I can't wait to put them to a test.

First is an already discontinued nail polish with a holographic particles, I can tell you that it looks magical and I can only hope it will look the same on my nails.
Next, product in a bigger white packaging is from nutra effects line and it is their revamped BB cream in Light with matte formula. In the past their Solution items didn't suit me but since I haven't tried nothing from their newer line I thought I will give it a go.
The last item is a super shock max mascara which I already had and it is amazing but this one has waterproof formula which I never had before. We will see how will that go and I hope it won't be to hard to remove.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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