28 February 2022



another quick post of my empties in a row. Lately I just haven't been feeling like posting and also I don't take the time to do it like I used to do. I did accumulated some new items that might be interesting so maybe in the future I will post more... we will see.

I purchased a pack of Ziaja Olive oil products because it was a really good deal and this face moisturizer was part of it. It is Ziaja face cream with Olive oil for dry - normal skin type. I'm combination to oily but some extra hydration never hurt my skin. At first I really liked it because my skin was in need for some moisture but then the super thick formula started to annoy me. It is very greasy and it doesn't absorb completely into my skin, I only used it at night because it would be impossible to apply make-up on top of it. I'm ok that I tried it but I won't repurchase it, I since found lighter textures which are just as mosturizing and works better for my skin type.

I remember I had Fenjal deodorant before and I really like it so when I saw this one I just knew we will work well together. It is sensitive deo pump spray option, in general I don't like to spray my deodorant but I bough this one to take it with me on a vacation (I think I used it on my last three holidays and spray works well with retouching and keeping deodorant sanitary). Now I finished it all up because it was getting old and I had noting else. It has this lovely clean scent which makes me feel refreshed but it also doesn't interfere with my perfume. I still sweat through it (it is not anti-perspirant) but I am not stinky and that is all I care about it. I will buy it again, in a spray bottle for my vacation (just to mention that the bottle is made of a heavy glass) and in a 'regular' roll-on version for  my every day adventures.

Last are two hand creams, first is Avon care revitalising hand cream with Banana. This is one of my favorites and this particular tube is just in a limited edition packaging. The formula is light, easy to spread and absorb. My hands are left soft and nourished. I already have a few backups ;)

The second one is the first of its kind  and it is Avon care nurturing with glycerine &Almond oil hand cream. I also really liked this one. Formula vise it felt very similar to the Banana one minus the scent. I kept this one at work and my coworkers also liked it. This one gets thumps up from multiple people and I will get it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day


  1. good review! I am using Ziaja face cream. It's good for dry skin like mine.
    I will try the others above. Sometimes, i read reviews from some apps on apkfun.com to choose the brand for my skincare.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion, I will look into it :)