01 May 2021



I'm a little late with this one but I had some online issues...

It is a small batch of products but they are all really nice and lovely.

First is one of my favorite shampoos, it is from Iliria and it is their Birch shampoo version (I usually get it in a smaller and more simplistic packaging). It has a lovely natural/green like scent and I would say that this shampoo is on the cleansing side. It doesn't completely strip down my hair but I think it removes nicely all the oil/product buildup and leaving my hair smooth and shiny. I already repurchased it and will start using it again.

This is my first Yope product and I decided to get this Honey and Bergamot hand lotion which I also used all over my body. The scent was a light honey one, I personally wouldn't mind if the honey note would be stronger because I love this note. The lotion had a light texture which absorbed quickly and left my skin soft. After using it at night all over my body I started to notice my skin wasn't hydrated enough because sometimes it would start to itch. If I will get it again (the scent is what convinced me) I will pair it something more hydrating and nourishing.

Neutrogena makes amazing hand creams and this one is no exception. This is their concentrated hand cream and it is fabulous. You need very little and it does the job, my hands are left soft and nourished. Previously I had the same one except it wasn't in the concentrated formula. They are both amazing, this one just last longer.

The very last item is a true gem. It is Dr. Grandel ferment enzyme peeling. It is finely mild powder which you mix with a little water until it completely dissolves and then you massage your face with it. It looks like a thin foam and my skin felt baby soft the next day. There are no harsh particles or ingredients which would cause discomfort on my face, even if I had some pimples or agitated skin. There was no pain or burning sensation. I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin, I love it so much that I already have a backup of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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