13 April 2020

beautifying highlighter in Nude


today we need something to brighten up our day and when it comes to make-up what is better than a highlighter? A little sweep on the cheeks, a little dot in the inner corners... you can do so much with it and for me is in instant pick me up.
I have this highlighter probably for more than a year and jet only now I'm reviewing it.

It is Sante beautifying highlighter in Nude (there is also pink version for anyone interested, even though this one looks pretty pink the other one is a true rose shade and for me a little too much).

I like the stripes but sometimes this design isn't so practical, I worry that I apply it uneven and the color on each cheek doesn't match but that is probably just in my head because the shade is very soft and it is hard to mess up.

The product is a bit shimmery and I can definitely see individual sparkles on my cheeks when I look up close but it doesn't bother me because when you see it from another persons perspective it doesn't looks shimmery but rather glowy and highlighted.

I tried to do a bold swatch and then sort of sheer it out (I hope that also translates on the photo).
I think it is beautiful and I just can't put it down. It has been a while since I fell so hard for a highlighter but honestly this one really is that beautiful for me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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