19 August 2019



I feel like I haven't done a 'big' shopping spree in a long time and I sort of missed that. I really didn't need anything but I just wanted to splurge a bit. None of the items are expensive but buying too many unnecessary items at once is a splurge, at least for me.

First I grabbed this set (I'm pretty sure it was left from the Winter season) of Neutrogena concentrated hand cream and their lip balm (I borrowed this hand cream once from coworker and I like it a lot and lip balm is just an added bonus ;).
I haven't heard about this Malibu brand before but they have a lot of SPF lotions (maybe next Summer). To try something out I decided to get the lip balm trio. I'm excited for high SPF and different scents. One is Watermelon, the other is Vanilla and I think my favorite will be the Mint one.

And for the last I saved the makeup bits. First has to be the Maybelline color sensational Pink for me lipstick and hydra extreme lipstick in Desert Bloom. I didn't really need any more lipsticks (my collection is pretty large and I'm trying to downsize it...) good luck with that, right?
Next is Rimmel stay matte face powder in Transparent shade. I heard so much good stuff about it that I just had to try it out and see why everyone loves it.
The very last item is gorgeous Essence melted chrome eye shadow (I already have the silver one and I love it) in Zinc about you. In one of the stores I have already saw big mark downs on some of the items and these chrome shadows were among them. I quickly grabbed the most beautiful shade and run with it. I tried to check online but can't find the full list of products from Essence that will leave us. Did you find it? Let me know because I'm curious to see what else will be leaving us.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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