05 June 2019

Soul Searcher - Namaste all Day


Catrice came out with these cute 6 pan palettes in nice color combinations (in my opinion). I was lucky enough to receive one of them (judging from promo photos this one looked the most appealing to me).

It is Catrice Soul Searcher eye shadow palette with the name Namaste all Day (I really don't know why they put the 'name' on top of the palette for everyone to see and refer but if you flip it over at the back there is another different name.

The packaging on my palette is a bit flimsy because it doesn't click so if I would like to take it with me on the go it could open in my purse so I went to the store and tried others and they close shut so mine is apparently a dud (I purchased another color option that I like even better). If you go shopping for these I would suggest to try open and close it, just to be on the safe side.

The colors seems nicely pigmented when I applied them with my finger (with brush application I had some 'issues' with the blue one but a couple of layers and it was good).
The first top gold has more of a sateen finish and it is barely noticeable so I mostly use it as a base (I would prefer more intense color so I could use it as an inner corner highlighter).
Next to it is another gold which has a bit more yellow in it but the finish is stunning (the photo doesn't do any justice), it looks like a proper cream shadow and this finish is present in the other two shades as well.
Third and the last in the top row is warm copper with plenty orange in it.
First in the second row is similar but a bit cooler, not cool toned just more neutral compared to the previous.
Second to last is much darker and neutral looking with almost the same finish, shiny but  bit more subdued.
The very last color is the stand out shade. It looks very vibrant but unfortunately on my swatch it doesn't look like, I swear it can look very bright with some layering. I had quite some fun using it but at the end I just couldn't prepare myself to go out wearing it. I'm still not comfortable wearing bold colors on my eyes.

As mentioned this palette looked the most neutral of them all but after testing it out it slightly disappointed me. I think that the formula is really nice, I had zero issues (the blue color needed some layering but that was all), the colors stayed vibrant all day, they didn't crease and aren't powdery, the finish is phenomenal but I think that the color selection is a bit poor. The first two shades look very similar (the first one is a bit lighter and the sheen is less obvious but otherwise kind of the same), third and  fourth shade also look too similar for one small palette, there are slight differences in tones but on such a small area as eye lid I couldn't tell them apart. Instead of six tones you get four really different shadows.
I guess if you really like these colors go for it, the formula will not disappoint you. I bought the mauve one named Future Female and the formula seems the same and I can actually differentiate all the colors. I like the remaining palettes as well but I already have too many shadows, maybe towards the end of the year I will pick all of them...  :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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