10 May 2018

Ivory and Rosewood


Terra Naturi products are getting revamped. They are coming out with new packaging design which looks a bit dull and nothing special opposed to the old ones that I'm showing you below. I snatched two more products before they are gone for good.

Square packaging with this unique reddish brown plastic was a real standout and I like how consistent they were with it. I have another eye shadow trio which is housed in the same packaging and size as the blush above.

First I picked face powder in the lightest shade named Ivory. The powder doesn't show up on my complexion so I didn't even bother to swatch it. It makes my skin look matte and flawless after application, through the day I put it over my face and it still looked nice, no cake face. I really like it but when it comes to the longevity it doesn't beat my beloved Catrice all matte powder. None the less this one is nice and worth those couple of Euros that I spent on it.

Next is blush in the Rosewood shade. I don't have a cheek product in such mauve color so I decided to give it a go. It is cool toned mauve that a lot of people love. My skin has yellow undertone and I was hesitant if it will pair nicely and I definitely have to be careful. A little bit under the cheekbones looks nice and maybe a bit of brighter, happier pink tone on the apples looks really good on me but the other day I tried it with a heavier hand all over my cheeks, no draping with different toned blushes (this experiment took place when I was home alone and done with working) and it didn't look good. My skin tone is just too warm to handle this particular color and it looks more berry toned and brighter than I like.

I think this type of shades look better on pale cool toned faces (applied with a light hand because it can look like a bruise) or deeper complexions. I will keep it for now and play some more with it in the future.

Otherwise it has a little sheen and some barely there shimmers. I like this type of finish, flat matte was never my thing.

Here I captured some of the tiny sparkles. The blush itself is pigmented but not too much (like Avon blushes which are packed with pigments, I know I tried three of them) so it is easy to pick it up with the brush and blend into the skin. The formula is really great but I only picked up this shade from the 'old' line, since then I already found the 'new' packaging with the completely new color range (they didn't just swap the packaging, the colors seem to be different and new) and I grabbed one more blush and I will see if they kept the same formula.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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