02 June 2017

Play it Peach


this post is long overdue but in my defense I can say that I really got a chance to test it out. Essence team kindly sent me this palette a while ago and I would like to thank them again for doing that. I think I would go out and buy it on my own so getting it as a gift made it even more exciting.

It is Essence Blushplay sculpting blush palette in the shade Play it Peach (there is also the pink version available in Play it Pink).

It has a nice clear top so you can see everything and white packaging which looks nice but the powders can be a bit powdery so the packaging gets 'dirty' easily and if you like to keep your make-up clean you will want to keep a wet tissue near.

First pan holds beautiful highlighter shade, it looks like it would be peachy toned and on the swatch it shows just like that but when I apply it on my face it has a very strong pink undertone. I don't mind it because I don't have pink highlighter jet and this one fills the gap in my collection nicely but I don't like to wear it in combination with the two blushes in this palette.

Middle color is matte and the pan is smaller. I kind of like that because I know I won't use this shade as much as the other two but if you like to use big and fluffy brushes than it could be a problem because you might won't be able to fit the whole brush into this small pan but the color is really beautiful and if you are fair and like the Snow White cheeks this could be something for you. If I wear this blush I wear very minimal eye make up and let this color be the center of the attention but I make sure I blend it well because clown cheeks aren't what I'm going for.

The last color is my favorite and it already has a visible dent in it (I took photos before swatching it obviously so you can see just how much I used it up).  It has this fresh peach undertone with golden sheen through it that makes my skin look like it is glowing and I like that.

Here they are, I swatched them in the same order and I can't wrap my head around the fact how peachy the highlighter shade looks on my hand. On my face it looks completely different and I just couldn't capture it on the camera. I only heard one other girl on the web mentioned that it looks pink on her so maybe it depends from your undertone?

Here you can see the lovely glow, just imagine it to be pink on the cheeks ;) I find it to be very pigmented and I only need a little bit but then again I don't like too much glow since my skin is already oily.

The middle color looks great, it is matte but usually I would put some highlighter over it because matte cheeks just aren't my thing but the color is unique in my collection and I like to wear it especially on more casual days paired with mascara and glossy lips.

Lat color in the row has it all for me, the gorgeous color which makes me look healthier and fresher and the glow is fantastic. I always end up loving my make-up when I wear this color and it is not a surprise that there is a visible dent in this last pan.

I think this palette has nice colors individually (like I mentioned I don't wear this particular highlighter with these two blushes because of the mismatched color but I don't take it too hard because it is the only pink toned highlighter that I own). When you dip your brush in it it can kick a bit of powder but one the face it doesn't look powdery or chalky, it is smooth and easy to blend even though I would warn you that the shades are pigmented and it is better to start light.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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