23 January 2017

43. NOTD


last year I decided to use up as many nail polishes as possible and at the end of the year I was so focused that I haven't used anything else from my collection. I  cleared out 20 bottles and this year I'm starting fresh and I hope I will be just as successful as last year. My first bottle I am working on is also my first Essence limited edition nail polish.

Essence had this nails in style LE (it included only nail related products) and my shade is called Style me Love. It is a bright pink foil shade. I guess I used to love it but now I think it is okay. I'm not a fan of bright pinks but the shimmer in it makes it better.

On the nails it looks a bit darker but it is also very reflective and eye catching. I like the finish but in the future I will be avoiding the pink shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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